About Me

I am Malith Perera, a Professional Musician, Chartered Accountant and an enthusiastic gymaholic.  My story dates back to the days kids awaited the postman’s weekly arrival and played alongside green meadows without a worry in the world. 

I was born as the youngest to a family in a rural, yet beautiful small town in Sri Lanka, named ‘Pannala’. Growing up I had a strong sense of passion for music which stemmed through my family’s devotion to professional music. 

My bloodline traces back to at least three generations of musicians. My grandfather, a well-known harmonium player gave birth to my loving mother, a Sri Lankan State Award Winner. My eldest sister is a music teacher whose main influence drove me to great heights in the music industry.  Throughout my school years I competed in various island-wide singing competitions determined to succeed in the music industry. 

My big leap began after my eldest sister secretly sent an application on my behalf to Sirasa Super Star, the first reality television programme aired in Sri Lanka. Little did I know what was to happen next.  I won the hearts of the Judges Panel and qualified to the public voting rounds and after 11 considerable battles I became one of the two remaining finalists. At the age of 18 I had become the runner up in one of the greatest reality shows in Sri Lanka. My journey at Sirasa Super Star paved my way in this industry and was a significant blessing I encountered in my life.

Since then I have been actively making music for my people and the wider audience and released my debut music album ‘Sihil Maruthe’ in 2007. ‘Chanchala’, ‘Rathu Mal Gaume’ and ‘Muwarada’ are a few of my favourite hits.  I have studied North Indian classical music in Sri Lanka and Western classical and contemporary in Australia. Currently I am in the process of producing my second album integrating four of the English originals I produced in 2018-19. I have also been a brand ambassador for multiple brands including Dialog and Coca Cola Sri Lanka.   

Amidst all these I am a Chartered Accountant in Australia working most part of the week and a fitness enthusiast after. To me, consistency is key and looking back down the lane it is safe to say I love life.